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McGivney’s growth over the past 28 years is

evidenced by our many achievements:


Since1992, our membership has increased from 50

youth to more than 400 annually. This is due largely in part

to donations, volunteers, and new programs.


Members are required to submit their report cards, so staff can track their academic progress. Our records indicate that many members experience an increase in grades while attending McGivney, due to both the educational support they receive and McGivney’s dedication to helping every child see the importance of education. Some members have gone from receiving “F’s” to “B’s” in as little as three marking periods.

During the 2018-2019 school year, 51% of members increased their grades by at least one letter from first to third quarter. At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, 27 members made the honor roll. 


Results from our center’s annual after-school youth survey say it best:


90.5% of our youth said: “I can be myself when I am at the center”

92.9% said: “The center is a safe place for kids my age to hang out”

90.5% said: “There is at least one staff member who I feel I can talk to”

97.6% said: “The staff at the center are good at working with kids”

97.7% said: “The staff has answers when I have a question or problem”

95.2% said: “The center provides a structure that makes me feel safe”

90.5% said: “The center is a place where I feel respected” 


Find us at: 338 Stillman Street, Bridgeport,CT 06608

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